Corporate Social Responsibility is simply the responsibility that a company owes to society, and the basis of CSR management lies in fulfilling this responsibility by contributing to the advancement of society.

As our packs say “Just Goodness Inside” we wanted to pass the goodness outside as well.

Even at the outset we have wanted to be a socially responsible organisation, we decided to start our journey in the foothills of Parpale. We at PrAud Foods believe in an early start so, right from inception we started a worthwhile journey towards this objective by participating in the building of this wonderful place which is a resident Care center for the old & destitute.

csr The recent picture gives you an idea of our progress and how much more there is to come. Most businesses usually start their CSR only when they are big and operating in multiple countries. However,we wanted to start our efforts even at our juvenile stage. We believe that these contributions will pave the way for our journey for all our social ventures yet to come and pass the Experience of Good life to many.