Founder’s interview for a Magazine

This one didn’t emerge while climbing up a mountain or after a return trip from overseas as we often hear from brands these days. It was just simply driven by the desire to create healthy, tasty & nutritious food for the entire family.

The Mission

Audrey, the woman behind Karrotz has always had one belief “A Good life is fueled by Good food”. The adventure started in 2014 when she developed her first mix for her kids as a healthy snack after failing to find a credible brand in the market. Her mixes went on to become popular with other moms and kids and before she knew it she had a customer base of trusting moms and interest from local stores. This was turning into something bigger than a home business. Soon the brand Karrotz owned by PrAud Foods was born. The creation was a clean label product, with a fusion of the choicest Indian & International ingredients. Today the Original Family pack is Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten free, Zero Trans-fat, Zero Cholesterol, High in fiber, loaded with Antioxidants and as the pack says with ‘Just Goodness Inside’. The challenge to get the right nutrition with the right taste was a long one with a rigorous testing process involving 3 different highly recognized labs, ultimately it proved to be a winner with around 130k Cal per serving.

Audrey has carefully designed the product drawing from her studies in nutrition from Huntington College of Health Sciences, Tennessee. She drove one mission to create a product with all natural ingredients that you could actually see and not something that was ground to bits & mashed together. As a mom of two teenage boys she also saw a need to go ‘Beyond Granola’ as that seemed to be a dated fashion.

The Support

If Audrey is the heart behind Karrotz, her husband Captain Praveen has been the brains between his busy schedules. He stood behind his wife and has been the main strategist in all facets of the business. “He has been the steady wind beneath my wings” she smiles. Their two young teens have also been all gung-ho to help. From enthusiastic product tastings to in-store promotions, these boys are doing all they can to support their mom’s passion. She also acknowledges the efforts by her friends and customers who propelled the products entirely by word of mouth. It feels more like a family affair which probably is what drives customers towards the product.

Heart & Values in the right place

PrAud Foods was started as a self-funded organization and had two simple objectives – to bring to its customers the best healthy products and to empower women from the local communities with both employment and support. HACCP styled training is provided to the employees for maintaining a high standard in hygiene & quality. It has been an incredible relationship remarked Audrey, “One of our employees recently took time off for a festival but chose to return back early as she was missing the work environment and the team here,the fun and care of production probably finds itself into our packets as well, something that our customers always find different and exciting; commercialization for us was driven more by consumer demand than by planned intent, presently we are comparatively small but I know our heart & values are set in the right place.” she adds pensively.

From Strength to Strength

The proof is always in the pudding – Within just 100 days of launch, the brand although new,is already in over 150 stores in Mumbai, Goa& Pune, listed with 5 online retailers, on the shelves of big hypermarkets and also exporting to Malaysia & Singapore. They are already moving around 4000 packs locally per month priced at ₹170/- with consistent repeat orders, that itself seems to be a testament of the product’s acceptance in the market. The product hit the Amazon best seller & hot new seller category within just a month of listing. “We didn’t need to sell it to the stores, it seemed to be catching on by itself, “Ek bar khake tho deko tab pata chalega iske jaise kuch nahi” (Eat it once and you’ll realize there’s nothing to beat this), adds a confident Audrey.

Eye for detail

It is not only about what’s inside the pack but also outside. The look, size, shape, portions – every little detail has been well thought of and designed accordingly.  The pack size has been very trendy for people to conveniently tuck it in their bags. Karrotz is packaged in 4 layers of barrier, infused with high food grade nitrogen to retain the freshness and with a re-sealable slide lock. Again, laughing she recalls, “We receive compliments on our website, in fact recently one customer wrote,that even the packaging itself is so robust so he didn’t throw it away but is using it to store his bolts & washers”.“We listen to our customers; we’ve been receiving many requests for increasing the pack size of the choco-fusion variant that we will be moving forward with. Also several other new products are peeping in the line-up waiting to launch soon”.

The Excitement

Well they say “carrots help you see in the dark”, looks like this one has seen the light and hit the road running. Watch this brand, as their tagline reads “Experience the Good Life”; if you are on the lookout for something naturally good you might have just found it.

Karrotz brand currently has two superfood variants Family & Choco Fusion – Just throw it in your yoghurt or curd, toss it with your leafy salad, enhance the taste & nutrition of your breakfast cereal or Oats, pep up your dessert, ice-cream, kheer & custard or simply enjoy the original taste as an anytime snack – in office, at home, after workout, at school, while travelling, as diet replacement or whenever you feel like it.