Our Belief and Our Product

We have always believed that a Good life is fuelled by Good food, therefore the passion has been to create Natural foods which are wholesome and to leave them at best as Mother Nature intended them to be at organic fullness. An awesome combination of Fruits, Berries, Nuts, Seeds, Grams and Pulses add a power-punch delivering 16gms of Protein.

This superfood was developed after observing the Indian snack market comprise of about 90% oily, fried and heavily processed foods. There was a dire need for something Healthy and Tasty, at the same time offering the correct balance of nutrition. Developing the right taste for the Indian market was very critical while maintaining the quality of the product. After a lot of research, a process was developed creating a unique mix of the right ingredients in the right proportions, which undergo special dry roasting at selected temperatures; a process, which we are proud of, and currently being patented by our legal team. Each pack is hygienically packaged, additionally nitrogen flushed and foil packed to retain the freshness. The process itself brings out the best taste and abundant flavours while retaining the nutritional organic content in our final product for our Customers.

Natural whole foods not only satisfy your hunger but also provide the various nutrients required to keep you fit, looking good and stay active to enjoy life to its fullest.

Carefully selected ingredients in the perfect proportions keep the calorific value low, simultaneously offering the highest nutritional benefit while adding to their natural Goodness. Our mission has always been to offer our Customers a product of International standard in the Indian market. Using the ingredients from around the globe and fusing them with the best Indian ingredients has been a first. You can actually see the ingredients that you are eating, unlike some stuff where you would not be sure what goes into making it! Why eat an extruded & machine processed product when you can enjoy Nature in a pack with Karrotz smart nutrition products.

Our product is a blend of awesome ingredients to give you a wholesome snack, simple yet powerful. Instead of munching on fried unhealthy stuff we provide you with all the goodness that Mother Nature has to offer, it’s truly – Nature’s Snack in a Pack.

Our Customers, both Indian and International have shown great interest and delight in the nature and quality of the product, and this motivates us to continuously innovate to develop newer and more healthier products. The Karrotz logo is chosen, as such for its natural & healthy outlook, it is therefore our endeavour that we deliver the best for our customers, the Karrotz brand is committed to provide its customers with a reliable variety healthy products.

Our bodies perform their best when given real, whole foods and this therefore is our standard and our promise. We know you won’t settle for anything less, so why should we?

If you are looking for the best way to fuel your active lifestyle, you’ve found it.